I Seek My Unique Peak!

September 17, 2006

Everyday, it’s the same. I try to climb up to be and reach a place where I could be more and more. I want to reach to a place where I am satisfied with my stand and am sure that I am doing well and am capable of doing things. So I try, many times fortunately I find myself taking the right course. Plenty of other times, I am just short, short of reaching my higher heights, short of reaching where I want to be. Sometimes it only starts with one or two failures, then it continues for longer, yes, I do feel insecure then I should confess. It is no easy task being on the top at all times. It is no fairytale being on the top too, it shouldn’t be. I am glad I’ve grown enough to know that. Sometimes it just takes relaxation and ease, both at mind and in the body. Sometimes either one doesn’t leave the other in peace, so they start fighting.

Anyways, I am here to describe what I learn best of life, on my way to improvement and my commitment to achieve what is best for me. I should grow and should be a man, that is my desire and wish. I wish I would figure life out like a well-organized man can. But I’ve lived for almost two decades – a bit less since I’m 19 1/2 – and I’ve already gained a lot. So my starting point shall be not to forget what I’ve learnt so far and where I come from in the foremost. That is a lesson I’ve learnt hardly and I do plan to clinge to it as hard as possible. God Almighty help me, I am set to go. I am set to reach what I should call “My Unique Peak”. “Unique” since it is specific of myself and holds my own characteristics. “Peak” since there’s nowhere higher I can dream of, of course, you’d say. “Mine” since its belonging to me is so unbelievable precious to me. And “Seek”ing since there’s not a single thing I’d want more in life. That would be the best gift I could get from God.

“I am no longer scared now, I’m free as a bird.” — Marshall Mathers